Today we went to Truro to renew my subscription to the Cornwall Family History Society.  I had let it lapse since our visit in 2010 but they had all my info and i could keep my long held number.  We went to the small alley of their location in past years, only to find they have moved.  They are now at 18 Lemon Street close to the parking lot we usually use (through Lemon Street Market) and very near Mannings, a favorite restaurant.  The new location is beautiful with a large table near the reference books in the library, and several computers for online research in a separate room.  The volunteers are friendly and helpful and although nothing new was discovered from our previous visits, it was satisfying to be there and to talk with fellow genealogists!  We had hoped to attend their Spring Meeting on Saturday but there were no lectures and it was only a tour of Lanhydrock House, which we have gone to several times on previous trips, so we decided to continue on our own research.  I would encourage members of the Eastlick Name Project to consider joining the Cornwall Family History Society…they are digitizing more and more of their material.  We will be going to Heritage House in Devon in a couple weeks and will probably join their group as well.