Beginning the Journey


I am starting this Blog to share information, resources, articles and pictures to supplement the Family Tree DNA EASTLICK NAME PROJECT.  It is my goal to get as many male Eastlicks (and the variant spellings) to be tested in Family Tree DNA as possible, in hopes of tracing the lines from the United States back to Britain and, perhaps, beyond.  I am also welcoming female descendants to participate in the project as autosomal DNA can be helpful in locating other lines to be tested for Y-DNA.

I have had an interest in the Eastlick ancestry all of my life, but it really became important to me when in 1995 when on a trip to Great Britain my husband, Russ, found people with the name(s) living in Bodmin, Cornwall who were baptized, married and buried in St Petroc’s Church in the 1500’s.  We had been aware for some time of the Samuel Eastlick who had been transported from London to the Colonies and had found other Eastlicks in the church records in London, but had not located them outside of London.  We searched all of the church records available for the 1400 and 1500’s during that trip and did not find additional locations that recorded Eastlicks.  There were Eastlakes in Devon but like many of us, I did not immediately understand that these are variants of the same name.

Since that time we have visited Cornwall on every trip and have researched in Redruth, Penzance, Truro, as well as Bratton Clovelly, Exeter and Plymouth in Devon, and of course in London.  In London, we have held the court records of Samuel Eastlick, Mary Eastlick and Pascoe Eastlick documenting their transportation to the Colonies.  We have also found wills, leases and deeds in the Royal Institute in Truro and other county record offices and libraries.

It was an exciting day in 2010 when we were traveling just off A-30 going to Bratton Clovelly and Russ saw a sign reading “Eastlake Farm” along side the road.  At first I didn’t believe him as we had long dreamed of finding actual property connected to someone named Eastlick/lake but we stopped and it was confirmed by the current day residents that it was in fact a family name and not just a geographic name. Unbelievable!!

As you can probably see from my introduction, Russ is the one who found significant discoveries about the family in Great Britain and started me on this journey..  He and our daughter, Leslie, are the long-time researchers in the family, and  Leslie is the family authority on  researching and documenting our ancestors back to Alexander Eastlick (born about 1741), as well as all the other family names on the Lewis-Eastlick tree.  You can find her work on and Find-A-Grave as well as her blog at

Paper research remains absolutely critical to identify all of our ancestors but now with DNA science, I believe, we can make connections to confirm the relationship to our ancestors.  I will post websites, papers, stories and gradually share all of the research we have accumulated with the members of the Eastlick Name Project, as well as any other genealogists who might find it interesting.

I hope you will enjoy the journey as much as I do!

Fran Eastlick Lewis
Administrator, Family Tree DNA Eastlick Name Project

5 thoughts on “Beginning the Journey

    • I will check out your Blog, Ros…have you visited Bodmin and/or Bratton Clovelly? Those are both areas where the names Eastlick/Eastlake can be found. We have driven by/through Yeovil many times. I will email you when I have a chance to get familiar with your Blog.

      • Unfortunately I have not been able to visit either. I had hoped to via Google Earth, but it says my graphics card is not powerful enough! :o( Better start saving the pennies to buy a new graphics card – or even a new computer!

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