The days fly by and I am derelict in posting because we were enjoying Bodmin, and then moved on to Clowance Estates near Praze-an-Beeble, visting friends and staying in doors on a couple of days due to the heavy rain and wind.  When you leave A30 in Cornwall, the roads are often very narrow and even only wide enough for one car, and there are unexpected tractors and other farm equipment so rainy driving isn’t great fun.  We had seen most of the tourist sites in past trips, so we mostly like to talk with folks in the pubs, visit friends made before, and just enjoy being here…when not visiting a research center.  We have found about 20 people in the phone book, mostly with the spelling ESTLICK, but some other variant spellings.  We are going to stop by a store in Troon to see if we can find one of the families but we have discovered that most do not trace their families back beyond the first census in the 1800’s. Way too late for our connection.  I believe DNA will show we all have a common ancestor but finding that link to Devon and Cornwall will remain very difficult.  I am just grateful that I have experienced the discoveries that I have in Cornwall, Devon and London and even if you are not into genealogy it is really LOVELY to visit this country, so like our own but so different.  Just wish it would stop raining for a few days! 

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