May 6 – Arrived in Cornwall

On Monday, May 6th, we left Salisbury and after stopping to visit friends near Ilminster, we traveled the well-known route to Cornwall on A30, across the Moor in Devon (passing close to Bratton Clovelly and where the Eastlake Farm is located and where we will visit in a couple of weeks) to Lanhydrock Hotel in Bodmin, Cornwall.  Just down the road we enter Bodmin passing the church featured on my Blog.  We will return to visit as we have on all of our trips but after driving we are always happy to settle in our hotel (especially one that we know and love like Lanhydrock).  Coming to Cornwall feels like coming home.  The people are friendly helpful (like assisting with opening our gas tank lid on our very automatic rental car…the trick is to open the lid immediately after turning off the engine).  Although we had lovely weather in Salisbury, the forecast is for wind and rain in Cornwall.  Fortunately Tuesday was lovely (as they say over here) and the rain didn’t hit until Wednesday.

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