Traveling in Cornwall and Devon

Russ and I will be visiting Great Britain again this spring, spending three weeks in Cornwall and Devon and continuing our research into the Eastlick/Eastlake name(s). We have visited and researched in Cornwall on nine trips between 1995 and 2010, and did extensive research in Devon in 2010. We have been to the Bodmin Church (St Petroc) each time, and the last trip in 2010 we discovered, quite by accident, the Eastlake Farm near Bratton Clovelly in Devon. With the Eastlick Name Project in Family Tree DNA I hope to begin to trace the Eastlick/Eastlake lines more definitively to these and other locations in Great Britain. On most of our trips we have kept a journal. This trip I hope to blog about any new information we may discover as well as sharing the joy of being in my second homeland.